content protection

We understand. Your most valuable assets need real-time monitoring.

Our aim is to prevent your content from leaking online.
Receive email alerts if a verified match appears, and we’ll ensure it’s removed immediately.

Advantages of Web Capio

Web Capio offers bespoke anti-piracy services based on quality, and speed. This is achieved by having a team with over 20 years experience in protecting content for the creative industries.

Premium service that’s competitively priced sending fully automated takedown notices.

Our unrivaled matching methods reduce false positive results and ensures more valid results compared to rival services.

Quality driven systems base on speed, then quantity.

Offering a unique bespoke service aimed at allowing partners to white label products and customise for individual clients

Integrated reporting to reduce manual input and offer a cost effective automated solution.

content protection

Quality. Flexibility. Control.

Content protection on your terms.

Premium Level Service: there's no comparison.

Leak alert systemleak alert system

Frequency of searches per titlefrequency per title

Volumes of titlesvolume of searches

Manual verificationmanual verification

Qualityquality monitoring service

Flexibilitycustom tailored service

Pricingcompetitive pricing

Web Capio

Inform clients when a title leaks and store data to track the source of the leak

Multiple checks & real time monitoring where available

High volume due to list matching (keeps costs down)

Not required on links that have a high match rate

Tailored monitoring for each site resulting in < less than 1% error rate

Tailored Service based on client requirements within a single monthly fee

The Competition

Reactive monitoring limiting the ability to identify the source of a leak

Check 1-2 times a day (Industry Average)

Restricted or cost to add additional titles

Every link (leading to complacency and human error)

Generic monitoring leads to inflated false stats and high error rate

Generic product for all clients with cost for enhancements

Fixed pricing model